• Even though the worst of winter is behind us, you know as well as we do that Ohio weather can be very unpredictable.  With March and April still ahead of us bringing fluctuating temperatures, spring rains, and even some occasional snow, keeping warm is still a priority. Here are ten tips that will help save… [Continue Reading]

    10 Energy Tips to Save You Money
  • Water is essential for ALL bodily functions and makes up to 2/3 of our body weight. Here are 7 reasons to drink more water: Fire up that Metabolism- You can burn more calories by drinking COLD water which stimulates thermo genesis. Improve Muscle Tone Improve Digestion Improves Joint Health – Lubricate those joints! Supports Detoxification-… [Continue Reading]

    7 Reasons to Drink More Water
  • You would be shocked to know what is actually in your water. Depending on your area, as some are worse than others, but here are some items that are typically found in drinking water: Chlorine Lead Copper Bacteria Arsenic Fluoride( toxic ingested-see dangers of Fluoride blog ) Fertilizer, Pesticides and Nitrates Insects Parasites ( like Cryptosporidium)… [Continue Reading]

    <h1><strong>Your Toxic Cocktail</strong></h1><h3>Why You Should Purify Your Drinking Water</h3>
  •     Typically there are 3 reasons why you have a clog: 1.Tree Roots 2.Damaged/ Misaligned Sewer Pipe Sections 3.Foreign Object   Avoid a Clog Always try to keep notorious items, like grease and hair out of drains, and be aware of flushable items, such as feminine hygiene products. Even if these items are labeled… [Continue Reading]

    How to Get Rid of that Dreadful Drain Clog
  • Here are some simple tips to help you conserve or reduce your water usage. Bathroom: Keep your showers short, and install a low flow shower head, which uses up to 50% less than other models. Choose low flow alternatives for your toilets and check flapper to make sure its working properly and not running. Turn… [Continue Reading]

    Simple Tips to Reduce Your Water Usage
  • Why do YOU want Soft Water?? Hard water ( Calcium & Magnesium ) is a common problem, as when these hardness minerals are combined with heat, it forms troublesome scale- causing build up in your plumbing, water heater, appliances, etc.  When combined with soap, this makes skin dry, hair lifeless, laundry dull, and build up… [Continue Reading]

    Cleaner,Smarter,Better….Soft Water
  • Everyday cleaning items can expose us to potentially hazardous substances. Our homes have so many man-made substances that contain all sorts of chemicals, nitrites, poisons,metals, and carcinogens that are harmful to our environment and our bodies. If I gave you a list of common items,  you would be shocked. To start cleaning naturally, let’s go… [Continue Reading]

    Natural / Organic Cleaning Products
  • We drink, bathe, cook and clean with our water…Do you know what is in your water? If you’re on a well or cistern, you most likely already know the value of a purification system in your home, but what about city water??? Some areas are better than others when it comes to contaminants, and water… [Continue Reading]

    What’s In Your Water?
  • Buy in Bulk Buying in Bulk reduces household waste by cutting down on the number of trips to the store.  This saves time, vehicle wear, and gas money.  You’ll also create less garbage, because your products will come in bigger containers and last longer.  Buying in bulk at a local warehouse club like Sams or… [Continue Reading]

    20 Ways to Reduce Household Waste (Part 2)
  • Avoid Plastic Bottles By adding a filter to your refrigerator or your drinking water, you’ll greatly reduce the number of plastic bottles you use.  You’ll also consume far cleaner water, because it will be free from the contaminants that leech in from the plastic.  And, best of all, you won’t have to separate your garbage… [Continue Reading]

    20 Ways to Reduce Household Waste (Part 1)
  •   We’re all doing what we can to be more energy efficient these days.  It improves the planet and our pocketbooks.  Here are some tips that we have found helpful in reducing energy costs in our home.  Let us know if you use these methods and how they work for you. 1. Conserve Water Plumbing-install… [Continue Reading]

    How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
  • In a recent article on www.benswann.com, author Derrick Broze reported the findings of a recent study linking Fluoride to ADHD.  This further demonstrates the concerns we shared in our last article, “Forget the Fluoride | 10 Reasons to Remove Fluoride From Your Water.”  It seems that more and more research is being conducted regarding the… [Continue Reading]

    Fluoride Follow-Up
  • There are many things that get added to your water before it ever reaches your tap.  Today, we’ll discuss one of the most dangerous – fluoride.  Fluoride has been linked to everything from birth defects and brain damage to cancer and infertility yet millions of people ingest it every day. There is virtually no regulation… [Continue Reading]

    Forget the Fluoride | 10 Reasons to Remove Fluoridation From Your Water